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13. 3. 2010

THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY (constitutional monarchy), the united kingdon of great Britain and Northern Ireland (= spojené královstí velká británie a severní irsko)

Queen Elizabeth the second


The British Royal Family is over one thousand years old.

(d britiš rojal femily is ouvr van tauznd jers old.)

Queen Elizabeth is the fifty-fourth monarch since Kng Alfred in the ninth century.

(Qín elizabet is d fifty fourt monarch sinc king alfred in d naint sentčury)

The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace in London.

She also spends time in two other castles in England.

She stays in Balmoral Castle in Scotland in the summer.

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Her husband is Prince Phlip.

They have got four children and seven grandchildren.


The Queen¨s eldest son is Prince Charles.


He has got two sons from his marriage to Princess Diana.

Charles is now married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

The queen works very hard.

She visits a lot of different countries and she welcomes hundreds of visitors to Buckingham Palace every year.

She is head of 620 charities.

She also discusses politics with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom every Tuesday

(diskas) (palitiks) (junaitidú)

The Queen loves dogs and horses.

At the moment, she has got fourteen dogs and thirty racehorses.

The Queen hasn¨t got a lot of free time, but she loves going to the horse races in May and June.


Prince William is her grandson.

He is the future king of Britain.

His father is Prince Charles and his mother was Princess Diana..

Prince William¨s date of birth is the twenty first of June nineteen eighty two.

He has got a brother called Harry.

+William and Harry are very good friends.

They are both officers in the British armed forces.


+People love reading about Prince William and Prince Harry in newspapers and magazines.

William is quiet and kind and has got a lot of friends.

He hasn¨t got a lot of free time, but his favourite hobbies are sports.

He loves swimming, skiing, playing tennis and horse riding – and he also loves his motorbike.


Great britain

  • England

  • Scotland

  • Wales


(Velká Británie

  • anglie

  • skotsko

  • wales )